Passionate about our work and determined to bring value.



To know and do what is right; to keep promises and act with honesty.

Individual growth

We believe in people’s freedom to be good at what they do, while continuing to explore, learn, and improve by undertaking new challenges.

Curiosity and positivity

We are curious, adventurous and motivated, and we learn from our experiences. We have a positive attitude and it’s catching!

Humility and ambition

We strive to be better every day, but remain humble enough to recognise that there is always a lot to learn.

The team.

Paolo Meciani
Founder, Milano 🇮🇹

Paolo has over twenty years of experience in important consulting agencies, in both the insurance and pharmaceutical fields; he has launched two startups. He is a digital health advisor and consultant working on an international scale for corporate organisations, startups and insurance intermediaries. He is a keynote speaker, writer and educator in the field of digital health care for both corporate organisations and business schools.

Paolo Meciani

Fabrizio Villani
Advisor, Barcelona 🇪🇸

Fabrizio is a professional with over 10 years of experience in the fintech sector, acquired through collaboration with several startups operating in various verticals; he launched a startup. Furthermore, he is an expert in the field of education, being a keynote speaker and author of numerous articles on the subject. He has carried out training activities in the fintech field for corporate, business schools and public universities, becoming a point of reference for students and professionals in the sector.

Fabrizio Villani

Patricia Gall
Advisor, Zurigo 🇨🇭

Patricia is the founder of the Swiss Association for Mental Health Innovation. Since she was a child, Patricia has been drawn to psychology and what drives people to do certain things or exhibit certain behaviors. Startups and innovation are at the forefront of his career, as he gained experience both in the corporate world at Credit Suisse, where he worked in innovation for both private clients and UHNWI, and at a leading Swiss innovation firm Kickstart Innovation, as Senior Manager for the FinTech & InsurTech vertical.

Alfredo Pascali
Advisor, Milano 🇮🇹

Alfredo has been involved in Marketing, Communication and Development in Italian healthcare structures and groups for 35 years, starting, managing and reorganizing the related company functions, in small and large projects, including digital ones, with the patient at the center and a science & data driven approach. In recent years he has expanded his experiences in Open Innovation and Startup Mentorship. In 2022, after a long managerial experience, he founded and chairs the innovative startup NExT Health, active in the same professional perimeter but with the ambition to create new services enabled by technologies.

Alfredo Pascali

Work with us.

We believe that everyone has incredible potential, and that it is different and unique to every person. We create the right conditions for everyone to express themselves to the maximum and engage in rapidly growing and increasingly challenging opportunities.
Every voice is heard: we encourage everyone to bring their own individual experience and culture to the table, in order to achieve growth and improvement for us and for our clients.
We are committed to your success and professional growth, offering learning opportunities and training programmes for every stage of your career.

Experienced candidates

We are looking for individuals that are comfortable with uncertainty and rather see it as an opportunity. We seek people who are creative and business-minded, always thinking about how to improve both our own market position and that of our clients. We are always searching for exceptional new talents. If our vision and our values resonate with you, do not hesitate to get in touch!


All successful candidates are enthusiastic, eager to learn and think intelligently outside the box; they have extracurricular interests, are keen to succeed and love working as part of a team. We hire graduates from technological, scientific and economics programmes. Previous insurance or digital health care experience is not expected.


We are always looking for strongly motivated people who are driven by a desire to excel. If you are up for the challenge and would like to join the team, please get in touch with your CV.